Operating weight
Bucket capacity (m3)
Rated power(kW/rpm)

Strict testing and verification, durable parts, worthy of your trust.
*For the high dust working environment of the loader, the three-stage air filter is adopted to effectively reduce the early wear and tear failure rate of the engine and prolong the service life;
*Multi-stage fuel filter with good fuel adaptability and clean engine system.
*The gearbox is equipped with a dedicated fixed-shaft gearbox from Lovol, which is stable and reliable.
*Bearings and oil seals in key parts are imported components for higher reliability.

Structural parts and articulation
*New reinforced frame and patented composite hinge structure, 1000 million bench impact fatigue test, 1000 hours intensive experiment, 5000 hours industrial experiment to achieve super load carrying capacity
*The bucket material adopts JF440 jointly developed with domestic famous steel mills, which has higher strength and better wear resistance;
*The bushing adopts 20CrMnTi honeycomb bushing, and the inner surface adopts the patented spraying process, which has self-lubricating function and long service life.

Higher work efficiency and practical economy.
Working equipment
• High-efficiency linkage mechanism, high excavation force, fast movement and strong lifting ability;
• Bucket type optimized design, low insertion resistance and high full bucket rate;
• The bucket has a baffle to prevent material from spilling.

Comfortable operation, spacious, ergonomic design and excellent visibility for a more comfortable ride.
Comfortable operation
• The pedals and various control components meet the best ergonomic design and do not fatigue for a long time;
• High backrest, high performance mechanical suspension seat to reduce the fatigue of drivers and passengers;
• Work hydraulic pilot operation, easy to operate, and good coordination (optional).
Comfortable driving environment
• Integral fully enclosed gantry cab, anti-rolling, falling objects, low noise, creating a safe and healthy driving environment;
• Panoramic cab with wide view and the driver can always know the environment around the equipment during operation;
• Reversing the image to eliminate blind spots in the field of view and safer reversing (optional);
• With a micro-charged air conditioning system, the environment is cleaner and more comfortable (optional);
• The meter has a fault information display function to improve human-computer interaction.

Simplified daily inspection and longer maintenance period.
Easy daily maintenance
• The hood adopts large side door, upturned design, large opening angle, engine air filter, machine consideration, diesel filter, double-change filter “one-stop” maintenance;
• The pin lubrication point is taken out for easy daily maintenance;
• Single-layer parallel heatsink, anti-blocking and easy to clean;
• Install a transparent kettle on the radiator to display the antifreeze liquid level for easy observation, recovery of the overflow antifreeze and automatic rehydration.
• GPS remote fault diagnosis to improve detection efficiency;
• The brake caliper adopts an open split structure, and the brake pads are easily replaced without disassembling the tires;
• The hydraulic system is equipped with quick-change couplings for easy testing and inspection.
Extended maintenance cycle
• Longer service intervals and maintenance intervals increase machine utilization while significantly reducing operating expenses.


FL936H product multi-functional accessory combination can be equipped with standard arm/long arm, which can choose standard bucket according to actual working conditions.
Rock bucket, quick change bucket, quick change fork, increase bucket.
Name Unit m³ Standard Arm Unloading height mm Long Arm Unloading height mm Ultra long Arm Unloading height mm
Standard Bucket 1.8 3000 3304
Bigger Bucket 2.2 2913 3220
  3 3678
  3.5 3627
Rock Bucket 1.5 2998
Side Bucket 1.5 3774
Wood Grab   3193 3500
Grass Grab   3068
Flat fork   2050 3357
Quick change fork   3070 3377
Quick change bucket   2874 3180
Quick change wood grab   2860
Quick change soft folder   3600
          ●Standard  ○Optional / Special Requirement
Overall dimensions (mm) (length × width × height) 7090×2520×3200
Rated load mass (kg) 3000
Wheelbase (mm) 2880
Digging force (kN) 98
Bucket outside turning radius (mm) 5990
Steering angle (°) 38
Unloading height (mm) 3000
Curing quality (kg) 10250
Maximum speed (km/h) 39
Wheel distance (mm) 1850
Traction Force (kN) 101
Climbing ability (°) 30
Unloading distance (mm) 1050