Operating Weight:
Bucket capacity:
Rated power:

Strict testing and verification, durable parts, worthy of your trust.
For the high dust working environment of the loader, the three-stage air filter is adopted to effectively reduce the early wear and tear failure rate of the engine and prolong the service life;
*Multi-stage fuel filter with good fuel adaptability and clean engine system.
*The transmission uses a patented reinforced overrunning clutch to increase reliability life by 30%;
*Imported components are used for key parts and oil seals for higher reliability.
*It is connected with the drive shaft by flange connection, adopts the end face tooth structure, and has large transmission torque and high reliability.
Braking System
*The brake system has a dry, backflushing device to prevent corrosion of the pipeline and freezing in winter, making the brakes more reliable and safer.

Hydraulic system
*The hydraulic system consists of three small displacement pumps, each with small displacement, small volume, high bearing pressure and high reliability.
*The hydraulic system filter has a filtration ratio of 200 (99.5% impurities can be filtered out), and the system is cleaner and more reliable.
Structural parts and articulation
*The new reinforced frame and patented composite hinge structure, after millions of bench impact fatigue experiments, 1000 hours of intensive experiments, 5000 hours of industrial experiments, to achieve super load carrying capacity.
*The bucket material adopts JF440 jointly developed with domestic famous steel mills, which has higher strength and better wear resistance;
*The bushing adopts 20CrMnTi honeycomb bushing, the inner surface adopts the patented spraying process, has self-lubricating function and long service life.
Higher productivity and lower overall operating costs.
Compound operating conditions are stronger and more efficient.
*Lovol's custom power, exclusive power curve, excellent acceleration performance and quick response;
*The high-torque engine and high-efficiency transmission system are perfectly matched with the hydraulic multi-stage power working system. According to the working conditions, the three power modes are optimized to improve production efficiency.
Multi-stage hydraulic power steering is light, triple pump is more efficient, and energy saving is 6%~8%
Efficient work device
*High-efficiency linkage mechanism, large excavation force, fast action and strong lifting ability;
*Bucket type optimized design, low insertion resistance and high full bucket rate;
*The bucket has a baffle to prevent material from spilling.
Superior flexibility
*Short wheelbase, small turning radius and high flexibility.
Comfortable operation, spacious, ergonomic design and excellent visibility for a more comfortable ride.
Comfortable operation
*Multi-stage hydraulic power control system, steering is light and accurate;
*High backrest, high performance mechanical suspension seat to reduce the fatigue of drivers and passengers;
*Work hydraulic pilot operation, easy to operate, and good coordination (optional).
*Integral fully enclosed skeletal structure cab, anti-rolling, falling objects, low noise, creating a safe and healthy driving environment;
*Rearview mirrors are equipped at the rear of the hood to eliminate blind spots and safer reversing;
*With a micro-charged air conditioning system, the environment is cleaner and more comfortable;

Simplify daily inspections and longer maintenance intervals.
Easy daily maintenance
*The hood adopts large side door, upturned design, large opening angle, engine air filter, machine filter, diesel filter, double-change filter "one-stop" maintenance;
*The pin lubrication point is taken out for convenient daily maintenance;
*The brake system has a dry backflushing device to reduce the number of times the gas cylinder is discharged;
*Single-layer parallel radiator, anti-blocking and easy to clean;
*A transparent kettle is installed on the radiator to display the antifreeze liquid level for easy observation;
*The overflow antifreeze is recovered and automatically refilled.
*GPS remote fault diagnosis to improve detection efficiency;
*The brake caliper adopts an open split structure, and the brake pads are easily replaced without disassembling the tires;
*The hydraulic system is equipped with a quick-change coupling for easy testing and maintenance.
Wide applicability
Environmental adaptability
*Normal use at ambient temperature -35 ° C to +45 ° C (optional cold start device);
*Meet the normal operation of 3000 meters above sea level;
*High-flow, high-precision filtration systems for each system meet the needs of high-dust environments;
Condition adaptation
* Choose different buckets and attachments according to different materials.


Multifunctional attachments of FL955F are mainly equipped with standard boom / long boom configuration standard bucket 2.8m³
Description Unit
standard boom Unloading height(mm) Extended boom Unloading height(mm) super long boom Unloading height(mm) Coal-specific U-boom Unloading height(mm)
standard bucket 2.8 3135 3337 3538
Increase bucket 3.8 2936 3232 3433
  4.5 2923 3219 3420
U-shaped coal special bucket 4.5 3523
rock bucket 2.5 3085
side bucket 2.3 2946
iron sand bucket 2.4 3181 3477
Interlaced tooth wood grabber   3517
Positive tooth grabber   3518
Grazing machine   3138
Snow shovel   ----
              ●Standard combination  ○Optional combination  / Special needs
Technical Parameters  
Outline distance(LXWXH) 7700*2980*3420
Rated load(kg) 5000
Operating mass(kg) 16760
Max. speed(km/h) 42
Wheelbase(mm) 2920
Digging force(kN) 175
Bucket outer turning radius(mm) 6850
Steering angle(°) 35
Unloading height(mm) 3135
Wheel tread(mm) 2250
Traction(kN) 160
Sum of three items(s) 10.2
Gradeability(°) 30
Unloading distance(mm) 1195