Operating weight(kg): 2480
Bucket capacity (m3): 0.066
Rated power(kW): 15
Max.digging height(mm):3880
Max.digging depth(mm):2320
Max.digging radius(mm):4140

1.Imported Core Components, our mini excavator adopt the first-class resources of the industry that guarantee the long service life and high efficiency.   
*Engine-Japan Yanmar
* Rotary motor-USA Eaton
* The Main Pump-Japan Nachi
* Walking motor-Japan Nachi
* Valve-Italy

2.Top design of arm oil cylinder, the arm oil cylinder is placed on the upper side, the operating range is larger, and the cylinder is not easy to bump, which ensure the quick feedback and movement, quick and enough power to complete the work

3.Extensional chassis and dozer blade, make it is easy and possible to working in the narrow space, no matter in the city or out door. The chassis width scope from
1300mm-1500mm. .
The accessibility and stability of the narrow space coexist, and the strong structure will not produce a sense of shaking when the track bandwidth is extended. No need to consider the width of the construction site can still maintain high efficiency.

4.Ruggedized chassis structure, make the mini excavator more stable during the working, even in the narrow chassis mode.

5.Tailless design, the tail turning radius of the whole machine is only 710mm. With tailless miniature design, when the upper body turns, it will not exceed the total width of the body, so the operation is more free and flexible.

6.Removable driving awning, the driving awning of our mini excavator can be disassembled for some special requirement, such as working in the orchard which have a height requirement to the mini excavator, or other working site with low working space.

7.Arm side shifter, With arm side shifter to realize independent left and right deflection of the working device, so that it is not necessary to frequently move the machine body, it is really suitable for the boundary (wall root, etc.) operation in a small space.

8.Rubber crawler (track), W25-5 equipped with rubber tracks, protects the road from damage during urban construction and reduces noise during travel.

9.Concealed design of vehicle piping, with concealed design of the working device and the chassis hose, they will not scratch in a narrow space, which have a good protection for the piping and easy to maintain.

10.Equipped with two speed travel motor, controlled by a fast travel speed control pedal, the 2 speed travel motor meet the requirement for the fast speed during travel, and it can save your time for the mini excavator travel to the construction work site.

11. Reinforced working device, bucket, oil cylinder protection plate and bottom plate are made of high strength cast steel.

12.Easy maintenance, the machine hood adopts the open design concept, which can be opened at large angle to facilitate daily inspection and maintenance and filter element replacement.

13.Clear and easy understanding display panel, easy to understand and operating, less time to study operating our mini excavator.


 Performance Paramete Unit Data
 Operating weight kg 2480
   Capacity m3 0.066
 Bucket  Width mm 460
   Max.excavating force KN 18.4
   Model name 3TNV76-P
 Engine  Displacement Lcc 1.116
   Output power Kw(PS 105
   Swing  speed r/min 9.5
   Running speed(low/high) km/h 2.4/4.2
 Performance  Ground pressure kPakgf/cm2 28.40.29
   Gradeability %degree 5830
 Dozer blade(Width * height) mm 1500×292
 Swing angle degree (° 75/55

Scope of work
 Max.digging height mm 3880
 Max.unloading height mm 2550
 Max.digging depth mm 2320
 Max.vertical  mining depth mm 1900
 Max.digging radius mm 4140
 Min.turning radius mm 1850
 Max.bulldozing height mm 340
 Max.depth of bulldoing mm 270