Quick Description:
Using high power Germany LUDV load sensitive control System, main pump output
Power and work load Matching is more reasonable.
Higher productivity, lower Overall operating costs.
Continuously enhanced Working device and optimal structure Make the product more knotted
Comfortable Spacious and ergonomic Design and excellent Vision, let the operator drive Take advantage of more comfort.
Simplify daily inspections and protect the feeding cycle is longer.

Main Features:
1.Core components
·Depending on LOVOL Japan engineering center's research and development system establishes solid partnership with internationally renowned enterprises, constantly optimizes and improves the quality and service life of components, and gives priority to engine, pump, valve, motor, oil cylinder and controller.
2.Key structural element
· more optimized structural design, stress testing, welding process and plate research;
Comprehensively improve the life of key structural components;
· all structural parts have been strengthened through CAE finite element analysis.
And produced by professional structural parts manufacturers;
· the front and back supports of the moving arm are of cast steel structure, and the side of the middle support is increased Strong board.
3.Working device
· optimize the structure of the working device to reduce power loss during work;
· the bottom protective plate of the bucket is made of wear-resistant material to improve the durability and endurance of the bucket Grinding;
· the bucket capacity is 10% larger than similar models in the market, with the same digging speed It's more efficient.
4.The chassis structure
· increase the diameter of tensioning spring to effectively reduce the impact of track;
· a lug boss is added in the middle of the chain wheel to effectively prevent track derailment.
5.Higher productivity, lower overall operating costs more efficiency.
Super digging power
On the basis of guaranteeing the static excavation force, it is committed to the research and development of dynamic excavation force. In the case of big resistance in the excavation process, the system will automatically detect the pressure and automatically adjust the output pressure, so as to ensure the strong mining effect in the process of dynamic excavation.
Higher productivity
With the latest technology and hydraulic system, the time-tested original yangma engine performs well both in terms of fuel consumption per hour and material consumption per ton.
Higher overall responsiveness
Through the optimization of engine, main pump and main valve, the output power of the main pump is more reasonably matched with the load, and the efficiency and responsiveness of the hydraulic system are greatly improved.
Abundant working equipment
· various working devices suitable for various working conditions;
· optimized bucket profile design effectively enhances the efficiency of material loading and unloading.
6.Spacious, bright, ergonomically designed and with excellent visibility, the operator is more comfortable to drive.
First Class Work Space
Equipped with a high-quality mechanical suspension seat to meet the driver's comfort requirements, suitable for a variety of working conditions.
The TOPS\FOPS-compliant cab is safer to work with.
Ergonomic Joystick
The proportional control joystick provides very precise control of the sensitivity, accuracy and fluency of the machine. Longer joystick for lighter and softer operation;
User-friendly Configuration
• Excellent air outlet design makes the driver's face and feet feel the cool air in all directions, and the driving is more refreshing;
• The front windshield can be partially or fully retracted to the roof;
• Intelligent and reliable air conditioning, better cooling effect;
• Standard UV protection glass.
7.Simplified daily inspection and longer maintenance period.
Easy to Maintain
Non-slip materials are attached to all walking areas of the upper frame to ensure safe and convenient maintenance. Lubrication of the swivel ring gear does not require routine maintenance. The battery, all filter elements and centralized lubrication points can be stood up and maintained from the ground for quick and easy routine maintenance and inspection.
Extra Long Maintenance Cycle
Longer maintenance intervals and maintenance intervals increase machine utilization and significantly reduce operating expenses.
Motor oil 500h oil filter 500h
Hydraulic oil 5000h hydraulic oil filter 1000h

Technical Parameters
Outer dimensions (L x W x H) 6100x2275x2650mm
Weight 7800KG
Dipper capacity 0.28m³-0.32m³
Max engine power 44.4KW/2100rmp
Diesel engine 4TNV98ZCVFNC
Max torque 237N.M/1400rpm
Host system Max flow rate 160L
Max working oil pressure 28Mpa
Max pilot system pressure 3.9Mpa
Climbing capacity 35°
Travelling speed 4.3km/h
Max feed force 61KN
Revolving speed 11.5r/min
Rotary torque 15KN.M
Movable arm 3708mm
Diesel quantity 160L
OILL Oil-Level 7L
Bucket arm 1650mm
Arm Digging Force 38KN
Bucket digging force 56KN
Max digging height 7150mm
Max  Dumping Height 5030mm
Max digging depth  4050mm
Max vertical digging depth 3670mm
Maximum depth of horizontal cutting 8 ' 3565mm
Max Digging Radius 6335mm
Max ground Digging Radius 6190mm
Minimum rotary Radius 1770mm
Dozer blade lifting height 295mm
Dozer blade descent height 375mm