Ample power matching large flow hydraulic system, equipped with electronically controlled positive flow control technology, designed for mining operations.
Enhanced work units and structural components allow the product to be fully adapted to harsh rock operations.
Spacious, ergonomic design and excellent visibility for the operator to drive more comfortable
Simplify daily inspections and longer maintenance intervals.

More Features:
1.High power engine
Original imported Isuzu engine, rated power 212kW, specially designed to provide strong power for mine operations, meet the third stage of China's non-road mobile machinery diesel, US Tire 3 and EU
Stage III A emission standards.
 2.Advanced R&D technology improves overall performance
Through the optimal matching of the engine, main pump and main valve, the handling performance of the whole machine is greatly improved.For the first time in the industry, the function buffer valve system is used. Even in extremely cold weather, the reaction speed of the whole machine will not be reduced.
At the same time, the impact of the whole machine is kept optimal, and there is no delay in starting and switching of the working device, so that the flexibility, efficiency and energy saving of the whole machine during loading and unloading reach the leading level in the industry.
 3.Perfect match
· Various components in the drive train, such as diesel engines, gears, swing drives, work pumps and hydraulic cylinders, are individually sized to achieve a perfect match between components;
· These components are compatible with each other in the overall system, ensuring maximum reliability and long life.
4.Rugged chassis construction
· Improve the heat treatment standard of the four-wheel and track contact surface, making the parts more wear-resistant and the life expectancy is doubled;
· The roller and guide wheel adopt extremely cold type lubricating oil and seals to ensure normal operation at -40 °C ambient temperature;
· Chain track track with lifetime self-lubricating and sealing;
· Enhanced left and right track beams;
· Strong drive mechanism.
5.Rigorous testing
· Machine test: CL-6 machine test site covers an area of more than 300 acres, including earth, stone, sand and gravel various working conditions, including bump vibration strengthening test, noise test, operating efficiency, fuel consumption, walking test and climbing Slope test, etc.
Each new product is subject to an intensive combination test of more than 2000h (including excavation, crushing, bumping, climbing and various performance tests);
· System test: establish CL-5 comprehensive performance test room and CL-4 pump valve, electrical, structural component strengthening and vibration test bench, perform pre-development component performance and reliability test;
· Test standard: Through the benchmark research and Japanese expert guidance, the performance test and reliability test evaluation standard and test test database of the whole machine, system are completed, and the product development verification is supported, which improves the performance and reliability of the product.
6.Core component
· Relying on the R&D system of the Japan Engineering Center of LOVOL, and establishing a solid partnership with internationally renowned companies to continuously optimize and improve the quality and life of components, and ensure the priority of engines, pumps, valves, motors, cylinders and controllers.
7.Key structural parts
· Continuously optimized design, stress testing, welding processes and sheet metal research to fully enhance the life of critical structural components;
· The boom is made of box-type structure and high-strength steel plate. With the robot welding process, the service life of the mine is more than doubled.
8.Enhanced working device
· The average life of structural parts is increased by 50% and the strength is increased by 12%;
· The boom joint is integrated casting;
· Copper-based graphite self-lubricating bushings;
· High-strength rock bucket teeth.
9.Wear resistant material
· New large-capacity rock bucket, high-strength wear-resistant steel plate, 40% increase in strength and wear resistance.
10.Rich work device
· Series of devices suitable for various working conditions;
· Designed to maximize productivity and durability, the life of structural components is increased by 50%;
· Large-capacity and high-efficiency wear-resistant buckets greatly improve work efficiency.
11.Comfortable Operating Cab
The ergonomic design makes it spacious and comfortable, with excellent driving vision and comfort, making the operator more comfortable.
 First class work space
The cab is equipped with a high-quality mechanical suspension seat, allowing the driver to have a larger and more comfortable working environment. Meet the driver's comfort needs, suitable for a variety of working conditions.
The cab that meets the TOPS\FOPS standard, combined with the protective net device, is safer for stonework.
Ergonomic joystick
The control joystick provides very precise control of the sensitivity, accuracy and fluency of the machine.
Low noise, low vibration
In order to eliminate work fatigue and increase productivity, the noise inside the cab is controlled to a minimum. The cab is mounted on a resilient base to fully absorb the vibration of the excavator. The use of rubber flanges to support the pipe plays a positive role in reducing noise.
User-friendly configuration
· The pin mounting point is located on the left side of the boom to ensure that it can be found in the first time when it is loose;
· Adopt automatic lubrication system;
· The platform is fully protected against impact beams, providing additional protection for the swing platform and cab.
Increased vision
· Optional rearview camera for rear view to improve operational safety;
· Optimize the on-board design to provide a better view for the driver;
· The front windshield can be partially or fully retracted to the roof.
Optimal temperature control
· Enhanced air conditioning system improves cooling performance;
· Standard safety sunscreen windows.
Simplify daily inspections and longer maintenance intervals.
Maintenance point
The maintenance points are centrally distributed for easy maintenance and convenient daily maintenance. A concentrated remote lubrication point on the boom delivers grease to hard-to-reach locations.
Easy to maintain
Lubrication of the swivel ring gear, battery maintenance, all filter elements and centralized lubrication points can be directly maintained on the ground for quick and easy routine maintenance and inspection.
Extra long maintenance cycle
Longer maintenance intervals and maintenance intervals increase machine utilization while significantly reducing operating expenses.
Oil and oil filter 500h
Hydraulic oil 5000h
Air prefilter
· The centrifugal air pre-filter is equipped to effectively reduce the possibility of large particles of impurities entering the engine, and prolong the service life of the main filter to ensure efficient operation of the engine.
Integrated oil level gauge
· The hydraulic and temperature integrated oil level gauge is installed on the hydraulic fuel tank to provide maintenance personnel with intuitive hydraulic oil temperature and liquid level display to improve work efficiency

Technical Parameters
Model Isuzu / 6HK1XKSC-02
Type Intercooled, turbocharged
Rated power kW/rpm 212 /2000
Maximum torque N·m/rpm 1080/1500
Climbing capacity 35°
Travelling speed 5.4km/h
Max feed force 289kn
Diesel quantity L 630
Hydraulic system total hydraulic oil  510L
Hydraulic tank quantity  340L
Oil quantity  40.6L
Engine coolant  14.5L
Rotary reducer oil quantity  5.9L
Walking reducer oil quantity  2*10L
Host system Max flow rate 640L
Max working oil pressure 34.3mpa
Max pilot system pressure 3.9mpa
Revolving speed 9.7r/min
Rotary torque 100.3KN
weight 34800KG
Dipper capacity 1.5m³-1.6m³
Arm Digging Force 157KN
Bucket digging force 216KN
Max digging height 10120mm
Max  Dumping Height 7400mm
Max digging depth  7300mm
Max vertical digging depth 6365mm
Maximum depth of horizontal cutting 8 ' 7250mm
Max Digging Radius 11075mm
Max ground Digging Radius 10880mm
Minimum rotary Radius 4371mm