Quick Information

Energy saving
The low-energy engine is combined with an optimized hydraulic system to make the machine more energy efficient.
The core components of the original international famous brands make the products more reliable.
Automatically identify the working condition solenoid valve group to improve the coordination of motion.
Safe and comfort
Spacious, ergonomically designed and with an excellent view, the operator is more comfortable to drive.
Simplify daily inspections and longer maintenance intervals

1. Core component
• The engine, main pump, main valve, swing motor, travel motor, controller, etc. all use the industry's first-class resource configuration.

2. Key structural parts

• Using advanced analytical tools, continuously optimized design, stress testing, welding processes and sheet metal research to fully enhance the life of critical structural components.

3. Working equipment
• The front and rear support of the boom and the front support of the stick are made of cast steel, which effectively reduces stress concentration and increases the service life by 20%.
• Copper-based graphite self-lubricating bushings.

4. Sturdy cab

• Shaped tube cab with greater strength and meeting TOPSFOPS regulations.

5. High reliability connector

• With a waterproof IP65 connector, reliability is increased by 6.8%

6. High strength wear resistant material

• The bucket slab is made of high-strength wear-resistant material HQ60;
• The bottom of the bucket is made of high-strength wear-resistant material WNM400A.

7. Maneuverability
Automatically identify the working condition solenoid valve group to improve the coordination of motion.
Positive flow control technology
The positive flow control technology is adopted to improve the responsiveness of the hydraulic system and improve the coordination of motion.
By optimizing the main valve flow distribution, internal confluence, external confluence and other technologies, the coordination of the composite action and the flatness are greatly improved.
A variety of mode options to adapt to different operating conditions (H mode S mode L mode B mode).
Revo exclusive KPM master spool
• Micro-manipulation control is more precise.
Import buffer valve
• Achieve smooth and soft movements.
Low load handle
• Reduced operating force by 15%.

8. Safe and Comfortable Operating Cab
Spacious, ergonomically designed and with an excellent view, the operator is more comfortable to drive.
*First class work space
The cab is equipped with a high-quality mechanical suspension seat to meet the driver's comfort needs.
The TOPSFOPS-compliant cab is safer to operate.
*Ergonomic joystick
The joystick is ergonomically designed with less maneuvering force and less fatigue during long hours of operation.
*Low noise, low vibration
The low noise main pump is used and the whole machine is denoised.
The cab is mounted on a silicone oil damper to greatly reduce cab vibration
*User-friendly configuration
• The pin mounting point is located on the left side of the boom to ensure that it can be found in the first time when it is loose;
• The platform uses anti-collision beams to provide more protection (optional) for the swing platform.
Increased vision
• The front windshield can be partially or fully retracted to the roof;
• Optional rearview camera for rear view for increased operational safety.
Optimal temperature control
• Enhanced air conditioning system improves cooling performance;
• Standard UV protection glass for effective insulation.

Simplify daily inspections and longer maintenance intervals.
*Maintenance point
The maintenance points are centrally distributed for easy maintenance and convenient daily maintenance. A concentrated remote lubrication point on the boom delivers grease to hard-to-reach locations.
*Easy to maintain
Non-slip materials are attached to all walking areas of the upper frame to ensure safe and convenient maintenance.
The battery, all filter elements and centralized lubrication points can be stood up and maintained from the ground for quick and easy routine maintenance and inspection.
*Extra-long maintenance cycle
The maintenance cycle and maintenance cycle are longer, which improves the utilization rate of the machine and effectively extends the oil change interval.
Oil, oil filter 500h
Hydraulic oil 5000h
Hydraulic oil suction filter 1000h


Model Isuzu /4HK1
Type Pressurized direct spray water cooling
Rated power kW/rpm 169/2050
Maximum torque N·m/rpm 800/1100
Hydraulic system  
Maximum flow of main system L 2x299
Maximum working oil pressure MPa 37.3
Maximum pressure of pilot system MPa 3.9
Traveling driver  
maximum gradeability ° 35
Maximum walking speed km/h 6.3
maximum drawbar pull kN 206
slewing gear  
turning speed r/min 11.5
gyroscopic moment kN·m 83
Add capacity for maintenance  
pilot diesel quantity L 385
Hydraulic system hydraulic fluid volume L 260
Hydraulic tank capacity L 220
Oil-Level L 20
engine coolant L 34
Oil volume in rotary gear L 5.3
The amount of oil in the speed reducer L 5.3x2
working device  
working weight kg 25800
dipper capacity m³ 1.2-1.35
Arm Digging Force kN 128
Bucket digging force kN 169