Quick Information

Energy saving
Revo's exclusive engine, high torque, low fuel consumption, energy-saving compact main valve, large flow, low pressure loss
Original imported core components make the product more reliable.
Optimize main valve flow distribution to improve motion coordination.
Optimized ergonomically designed handles and a spacious cab provide a comfortable environment for the operator.
Simplify daily inspections and longer maintenance intervals.

1. A reinforced working device
Steel castings are used in front and back support of moving arm and front support of bucket bar, which can effectively reduce stress concentration and increase service life by 20%; strengthen the design of bucket bar and improve its strength.

2. High reliability connector

Adopt connector with waterproof grade of IP65, improving reliability by 6.8%.

3. Key structural element

Adopt advanced analytical methods, better structural design, stress testing, welding process and plate research, and comprehensively improve the life of key structural components.

4. Core components

Depend on Lovol Japan engineering center's research and development system establishes solid partnership with internationally renowned enterprises, and constantly optimizes and improves the quality and service life of components. Engines, pumps, valves, motors, oil cylinders and controllers adopt first-class resource allocation in the industry.

5. Energy saving

   1. Lovol Exclusive engine
    High-power exclusive QSF3.8 engine with large torque, low fuel consumption and rated power of 86kW is customized for engine FuelMap to optimize the overall performance matching.
    Make the whole machine work under the premise of ensuring efficiency, ensure the best fuel consumption.
    2. Efficient hydraulic systems
    In the design phase, lovol combines technical knowledge in relevant fields to work on unique integrated systems. The main pump variables and the main valve spool action synchronous, so that the control       system operation sensitivity is better.
    Use fast and smooth movements to achieve the best work experience.
    3. Advanced technology and optimal overall performance
    Through the engine, the main pump, the main valve of the optimization match, make the whole machine control performance greatly improved.

6. Sturdy cab

Special-shaped tubular cab with higher strength meets TOPS\FOPS regulatory standards.

7. The perfect match

All the key parts of power system, hydraulic system and electric control system are specially customized to achieve perfect matching and compatibility between parts, ensuring maximum reliability and longer service life.

8. Optimize the flow distribution of main valve, improve the coordination of action.

* Advanced flow control technology
Adopt advanced flow control technology, improve the responsiveness of hydraulic system, improve the coordination of movement;
* By optimizing the flow distribution of the main valve, internal confluence, external confluence and other technologies, the coordination and flatness of the compound action are greatly improved.
Various modes are selected to adapt to different working conditions (H mode \ S mode \ L mode \ P mode).
* Lovol exclusive KPM main control valve core
Microcontrol is more accurate.
* Straight line valve
Realize the straight walking of compound action.
* Ergonomic extension handle
Control force reduced by 15%, reduce the driver's sense of operation fatigue, micro operation is better.
* CAN technology
CAN bus throttle technology through the engine speed, achieve accurate and energy-saving control.

9. Comfortable

Spacious, bright, ergonomic design and excellent vision make the operator drive more comfortable.
*First class workspace
Equipped with high quality mechanical suspension seat, to meet the driver's comfort needs, suitable for various conditions.
TOPS\FOPS compliant cab, safer operation.
*Ergonomic joystick
Proportional control joystick can control the sensitivity, accuracy and smoothness of machine operation with great precision.
This joystick is designed for various operating conditions.
*Humanized configuration
The pin shaft installation point is located on the left side of the moving arm to ensure that it can be found in the first time when there is looseness;
Adopt new type seats, increase cushion Angle adjustment and seat depth adjustment functions, and adjust comfort according to body weight;
There is a hot and cold box in the cab, which is convenient and comfortable.
*The best temperature control
New intelligent air conditioner, better refrigeration effect;
Standard anti-ultraviolet glass can effectively heat insulation.
*Low noise, low vibration
In order to eliminate fatigue and improve productivity, the noise rate inside the cab is controlled at the lowest value. The cab is mounted on an elastic base, completely absorbing the vibration of the excavator.
Rubber flanges are used to support pipes, effectively reducing external noise.
*New upgraded LCD screen
Large size liquid crystal display, more clear information review.

10. Maintenance
Simplify routine inspections and extend maintenance cycles.
*Maintenance point
Centralized distribution of maintenance points for easy maintenance and daily maintenance. Remote lubrication points distributed centrally on the moving arm transfer grease to hard-to-reach locations.
*Easy to maintain
All walking areas on the frame are attached with anti-skid materials to ensure safety and convenient maintenance;
The battery, all filter elements and centralized lubrication points can be maintained from the ground for quick and easy routine maintenance and inspection.
*Super long maintenance cycle
Longer maintenance cycle and maintenance cycle, improve the utilization rate of the machine, significantly reduce operating costs.
Oil 500h oil filter element 500h
Hydraulic oil 5000h hydraulic oil filter element 1000h


Technical Parameters
Outer dimensions (L x W x H) 7700x2505x2850mm
Weight 13850KG
Dipper capacity 0.53m³-0.60m³
Max engine power 86KW/2200rmp
Diesel engine ComminsQSF3.8
Max torque 470N.M/1100-1700rpm
Host system Max flow rate 2x128L/min
Max working oil pressure 31.4/34.3Mpa
Max pilot system pressure 3.9Mpa
Climbing capacity 35°
Travelling speed 5.4km/h
Max feed force 112KN
Revolving speed 10.5r/min
Rotary torque 37KN.M
Movable arm 4600mm
Diesel quantity 246L
OILL Oil-Level 9L
Bucket arm 2500mm
Arm Digging Force 69KN
Bucket digging force 93.2KN
Max digging height 8500mm
Max  Dumping Height 6080mm
Max digging depth  5435mm
Max vertical digging depth 4825mm
Max Digging Radius 8300mm
Max ground Digging Radius 8170mm
Minimum rotary Radius 2490mm